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What is Thermismooth?
ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive, no down-time skin tightening treatment used to treat sagging skin, wrinkles and cellulite. It can treat both the face & body including:
  • Eye sagging
  • Chin/Jawline
  • Neck/ Jowl
  • Thighs/ buttock cellulite
  • Stomach
  • Arms/ Legs


How does it work?
The treatment works through heating the skin using radio-frequency, stimulating the collagen in the skin. When the collagen is produced, it works by filling in wrinkles and dimples. This then results in tighter, smoother skin. ThermiSmooth is pain-free with no downtime required after treatment.
When will you see result?
Typically it takes 3 to 6 months to see the results of ThermiSmooth. Once your goals have been achieved, you will need to come back every 6 to12 months to maintain the results.