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Platelet Rich Plasma ( O-shot )

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been used in medicine for well over 10 years in musculoskeletal medicine, cosmetic medicine, and wound healing. It has effects on the immune response as well as promotion of collagen, elastin and blood vessels. PRP injections assist healing in scars, soft tissues such as tendons and muscles, and degenerative joints.

It is obtained by taking a blood sample from the patient, and then spinning the blood to remove the red cells. The resulting plasma is rich in growth factors, and it helps to switch on stem cells when it is used on the chosen tissue (on the surface or injected). It is very safe, since it is using the patient as their own donor.

What is the O-shot?

The"O shot" is a procedure which uses growth factors in your own blood to improve tissues including collagen, elastin and nerves. It is an office procedure, and surprisingly pain-free, using local anaesthetic cream. The growth factors are injected into the clitoris and the g-spot, and it can also improve irritable scarring from previous childbirth damage. The enhanced blood supply to the clitoris and g-spot improves sensitivity and function, with further effects over several weeks. Many women find that it also improves urine leakage, infections, and mild prolapse. It also helps improve dryness of the tissues after menopause or breast cancer treatment.

Laser Rejuvenation

Laser is used for rejuvenating the internal tissues of the vagina, which can become stretched and thinned after childbirth and hormonal changes. Like the o shot, this is an in office procedure, and both can be done at the same visit with no "down time" afterwards. The laser treatment also improves vaginal laxity, dryness and urinary symptoms.

How often should you get this treatment?

For best results in post menopausal women, and post childbirth changes, we recommend this combination be repeated after a month.

Does exercise help?

Of course, weight loss and exercise are important for best results. The physiotherapist can help with specific exercises for the pelvic floor.


The O shot is usually $1000 per treatment, and the gynolaser is usually $599 per treatment - a total of $3198 for the combination with two treatments.
We want you to have the best results, so we are offering the o shot/ gynolaser combinations for $1499 (one combination treatment) or $2499 for 2 treatments when prepaid.

This is NOT a cosmetic treatment - it is for function and fun!
It is safe, not painful, and does not involve hormones, so this procedure is suitable even for those who have had breast cancer.
Please book for a consultation and more information if this is of interest to you.