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Medical Services

  • Hormone Therapy

    The use of hormone supplements is often in the news, and it can be difficult to keep a perspective on the real risks and benefits as we currently understand them. Hormones can be bio-identical, synthetic, or promoted via use of peptides. Hormone therapy can be used to enhance performance of athletes, regulate changes from aging, and even removed due to their effects on some cancers (especially breast and prostate cancer). Hormone therapy may be useful for both men and women to maintain health and quality of life. 
  • Weight Management

    Clearly there is no single approach to weight management that works for everyone, so Dr. Karen Oswald can provide individually tailored and medically supported programmes to help “kick start” loss and maintain healthy weight long term. While adequate sleep, exercise, and activity are very important for your metabolism and well- being, it is crucial to restrict calorie intake in some way in order to achieve weight loss. Some of our solutions include intermittent fasting, meal replacements, medications, HCG diet, VLCD and vitamin support.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma ( O-shot )
    Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been used in medicine for well over 10 years in musculoskeletal medicine, cosmetic medicine, and wound healing. It has effects on the immune response as well as promotion of collagen, elastin and blood vessels. PRP injections assist healing in scars, soft tissues such as tendons and muscles, and degenerative joints.

    It is obtained by taking a blood sample from the patient, and then spinning the blood to remove the red cells. The resulting plasma is rich in growth factors, and it helps to switch on stem cells when it is used on the chosen tissue (on the surface or injected). It is very safe, since it is using the patient as their own donor.


  • Intravenous Vitamins & Nutrients

    While you might think that deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients are uncommon, this is not true even in our privileged environment. Measurably low levels of iron, vitamin D, B12 and iodine are surprisingly common. There are actually some people who have “over-consumptive malnutrition,” where important nutrients are low despite high calorie intake. In other cases, intake may be low due to dietary restrictions (for example vegetarian diet), absorption from the diet may be reduced (for example bowel disorders and chronic illness), or the patient’s metabolic requirements may be higher (pregnancy, chronic illness). Supplements are usually given by mouth, by injection into muscle, by intravenous push or drip.


  • Aviation Medical Assessment

    Whether pursuing a Private Pilot's Licence of a work related Pilot medical assessment, we can assist you.


  • Recreational & Commercial Diving Medical Assessment

    Whether you require a commercial diving medical assessment or a recreational diving medical assessment,we can assist you.