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Biological Skin Rejuvenation

The skin loses elasticity and becomes prone to lines and discolouration as it ages. The skin may also become unreceptive to creams and serums. It may no longer have the ability to absorb topical preparations due to its declining condition. 

Fortunately, there is an innovation in skin care technology that effectively promotes skin rejuvenation from a cellular level. This is Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP skin treatment, also popularly known as Vampire skin rejuvenation.

You can’t turn back the time, but you can certainly slow down and even reverse skin aging. With the miracle harnessed through biological growth factor, skin rejuvenation has never been this powerful. Discover more about biological skin rejuvenation through Platelet Rich Plasma.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma which contains high amounts of platelets. These help to regenerate the skin, improve texture and reduce fine lines.
PRP is also referred to as the 'vampire facial' as the patients own blood is used to rejuvenate the skin.


The Wonders of Platelet Rich Plasma


How exactly does PRP help the skin regenerate to improve its overall condition?  

For more than two decades, PRP gel is used in chronic and acute wounds. With all the proteins, peptides, and other plasma-derived biological growth factors, skin rejuvenation occurs. The wounds start to heal, and the skin exhibits a smooth and hydrated quality.

When used as a facial beauty treatment, the skin can also enjoy the same wonderful benefits. The bioactive proteins in the plasma activate skin regeneration, resulting in soft, smooth, and supple skin. Skin sagging and lines become less pronounced, and the skin tone becomes more even.

How does it work?

First your blood is drawn then put into a machine which separates the plasma from the blood. Then the plasma is injected into the skin either through superficial injections, deeper injections with cannula or a topical combination of other treatments.

This direct injection of PRP into the skin stimulates the production of collagen, which helps to regenerate and repair the bodies tissue.

As well as this, PRP has a wide range of other benefits including:
- Remodelling of collagen

- Improved skin texture, colour and elasticity
- Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
- Faster healing following other cosmetic treatments
- Fresher more youthful look to the skin

Which areas can be treated?

- Face
- Upper & Lower eyelids
- Neck & Decolletage
- Hands
- Head (hair growth stimulation)

How many treatments are recommended?

We recommend at least three treatments, spaced a month apart in order to achieve optimal results.


PRP Skin Rejuvenation: Frequently Asked Questions

Vampire skin rejuvenation has gained popularity in the last few years for its signature approach and medically proven results. Many skin care clinics have added this procedure to their services as more and more beauty enthusiasts clamour for this treatment. 

OZDERM CLINIC is a trusted medical rejuvenation clinic that specialises in PRP skin rejuvenation treatment. Here are some FAQs regarding the procedure:


  • Is it safe and effective?


Yes, PRP is quite safe since it uses the plasma derived from the same person’s blood. There is no risk of infection, and the treatment procedure is simple — it is by no means a form of surgery. However, the degree of efficacy may often depend on how the person’s body reacts to the treatment. But generally, the PRP skin treatment gives quite a satisfactory result.


  • What is this treatment like?


The plasma derived from the client’s blood is reintroduced into the body by injecting it into problem areas. The injection may be superficial, driven with a cannula, or by any other recommended treatment combinations. The protein-rich plasma travels deep into the skin layers and stimulates skin regeneration. When used alongside micro-needling, the effect becomes even more prominent. There might be a bit of discomfort and minor bruising after the treatment, which should eventually subside.


  • How long before we can see the result, and how long should it last?


It will take a few weeks for the result to show and should last an average of up to 18 months.


  • How many PRP treatments are recommended?


Ideally, once a month session for no less than three months straight is advised. But in some cases, more than three PRP treatments might be needed. Follow the consultant’s advice in your trusted skin rejuvenation clinic to achieve the best results.


  • Can anyone have this treatment?


Whilst PRP skin rejuvenation is relatively safe, this treatment cannot be approved for certain individuals. Those with any types of blood cancer or with skin cancer in the treatment area cannot have this procedure. The same goes for those with hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, and patients who are taking a blood thinner.

Unveil Your Best Skin with Biological Skin Rejuvenation

Bring back that youthful glow with OZDERM CLINIC’s Biological Skin Rejuvenation treatment. You are welcome to contact us to know more about this procedure. You may also visit our clinic at Shop 2 /39 East Esplanade, Manly NSW 2095.