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    Leila Khalili

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Ozderm Clinic

Ozderm Clinic is a convenient medical & cosmetic centre located in Manly, NSW.


OZDERM CLINIC located opposite Sydney’s beautiful Manly wharf, specialises in all your health and beauty needs. OZDERM CLINIC provides conventional and Australia’s latest anti-ageing solutions to accommodate all needs and budgets. OZDERM CLINIC welcomes you to a complimentary consultation to discuss your desires and options with their medical team who hold a combined experience of 36 years, in addition they provide complimentary follow ups to ensure that you look happy and spread happiness, as your happiness is contagious.

give us a call today on  8095 0076.

Leila Khalili

Queen of Natural Beautification

Leila has been practising within Cosmetic Medicine since 2008 with over 9 years’ experience in non-surgical Aesthetic Medicine. Since then Leila has opened two clinics and has performed on tens of thousands of patients.

Prior to Aesthetic Medicine Leila worked both in Australia and Internationally as a Registered Nurse, working in high pressure Intensive Care Units and theatre, working in such prestige establishments enhanced her knowledge and professionalism of human anatomy.

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