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Thread Brow Lift

20:00 PM
Have you noticed that your eyelids have started to sag? Or would you like to have foxy eyes, cat eyes or pony tail eyebrow?
Eyelids usually sag because your forehead and brows are have begun to droop, pushing your eyelids downwards and folding them over your eyes. If this continues, your eyebrows can eventually droop so low that they cover nearly all of your upper eyelids. 
Apart from making you look older than your age, this can also impair your visual field. If you lift your forehead yourself, you can probably see much better! The main causes of this problem are the aging process or genetic.

What is a Thread Brow Lift?

A thread brow lift is a non-surgical solution for sagging eyebrows and eyelid hooding. It’s a safe, effective and fast treatment that provides long-lasting results. It’s simply a way to rejuvenate your upper eyelids and brows, helping you to avoid a Blepharoplasty or other invasive procedure. This treatment uses fine, barbed or cone sutures to lift your drooping brows, which in turn, reveals your eyelids. These threads won’t be seen, even if you have very fair or thin skin. 

Does it hurt?

It’s not entirely pain free, but it’s performed under local anaesthetic, so you will most probably feel only slight discomfort during the actual procedure. 

What to expect?

A tiny incision is made in your upper forehead and the threads are inserted under the skin. The tiny threads form a support structure that gently lifts your drooping brows over time, new collagen begins to grow around the threads to help maintain your new look. The procedure should take 30 min and you will likely experience some mild swelling or bruising for a few days following the procedure.

Who is a good candidate?

Anyone whose brows are drooping over their eyelids may be a good candidate for a thread brow lift. However, it’s not recommended if you are very thin or have extremely drooping skin. In these cases, talk to us, because there are other procedures that may be more beneficial for your needs.

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