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Deep Skin Hydration

16:00 PM

Dermal Filler Deep Skin Hydration

Hello Northern Beaches!
Living alongside Sydney's most beautiful beaches, the sun speeds up ageing in the face, resulting in crepiness, sagging and premature wrinkles. Deep skin hydrating filler is an amazing treatment to combat the effects of living by the beach. 

Hydrating Dermal Filler Treatment Benefits
The skin deep hydration treatment provides numerous benefits including:           
- Deeply rehydrate & revitalise the skin
- Improve skin density
- Reduces crowfeet, smile lines/ smokers lines
- Smooth wrinkles around mouth
- Reduce Dark eye circles

How does it work?
Deep skin hydration treatment works by fusing the moisture properties of natural hyaluronic acid and glycerol. This results in an intensified process of skin hydration as well as the benefits of skin elasticity, improved skin tone and a fresh glow which lasts for a prolonged period of time.