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Brow Thread Lift

15:00 PM

For a lifted, fresh and more youthful appearance


What is a brow thread lift?

A thread brow lift is a non-surgical solution for sagging eyebrows and eyelid hooding. It’s a safe, effective and fast treatment that provides long-lasting results. It’s simply a way to rejuvenate your upper eyelids and brows, helping you to avoid a Blepharoplasty or other invasive procedure. This treatment uses fine, barbed or cone sutures to lift your drooping brows, which in turn, reveals your eyelids. These threads won’t be seen, even if you have very fair or thin skin. 

Who is suitable for treatment?

Those with brows are drooping over their eyelids may be a good candidate for a thread brow lift as well as anyone wanting more lifted brows. However, it’s not recommended if you are very thin or have extremely drooping skin. In these cases, it is best to attend a consultation because there are other procedures that may be more beneficial for your needs.

Does it hurt?

It is not entirely pain free, but it’s performed under local anesthetic, so you will only feel slight discomfort during the procedure. 'Happy gas' can also be administered if required.

What to expect?

A small incision is made in your upper forehead and the threads are inserted under the skin. The threads form a support structure that gently lifts your drooping brows instantly as well as over time as the threads stimulate new collagen which help maintain the results. The procedure should take 30 minutes and you will likely experience some mild swelling or bruising for a few days following the procedure

Please note: it is completely normal to experience some swelling, may/may not experience bruising and some discomfort for up to 10 days after treatment. You may also experience a tight, pulling feeling in the treated area.